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No Tingles or Pain

I had a constant serious burning pain in my right hand which was caused by a trapped nerve in my neck . I was given a present of a strong magnetic bracelet purchased from Magnets & Bangles, which I fitted to my wrist, after a few days wearing this bracelet my hand tingled with pins and needles feeling.

I purchased a second magnetic bracelet from Magnets & Bangles and I am wearing both on my right wrist, within a few weeks I had no tingles or pain.                                              David Smith   31.10.2015

Still playing tennis at 65

I’ve used magnets from this guy for about 19 years to help condition my blood and keep arthritis away and they must work – I’m still here and am very well for my age 65 and still playing tennis twice a week! not a sign of any joint pain, cholesterol low, no glasses and perfect hearing – GREAT.                                                                                                                                         Bob Hanson  08.11.2015

It really works 

 ”After wearing one of Julia’s bracelets for some time, I noticed that the stiffness in my knees and hips had diminished greatly. I didn`t wear the bracelet for a while due to mislaying it and during that time the pain came back.  I did finally find it and after a short while of wearing it the pain went away.  I would have been sceptical had I not experienced this  first hand so now l wear my lovely silver bracelet every day

                                                                                                                       Susan Bingham  15.11.2015

 Pain in my hands

I wear my` Magnets and Bangles` bracelet everyday without fail. I love the design but more importantly I haven’t had any of the pain I used to get in my hands since I have worn my bracelet. I have recommended` Magnets and Bangles` to several friends who have also had very good results.

                                                                                                    Margaret Pilbeam. November 19, 2015

 Carpal tunnel pain

                                                                                                                                          December 6, 2015


























































Carpal tunnel pain