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Julia & Frank Richards

Julia & Frank Richards

We got involved in magnet therapy in 1992 due to the fact we were both bad arthritic sufferers. Also, my husband suffered from Raynauds Disease (white finger) due to working with frozen foods for 13 years. This meant wearing gloves during winter and summer. A friend told us how much a magnetic collar had helped her puppy which, being a large breed, was unable to jump into the back of an estate car. Although very sceptical, he decided to try a bracelet. Within a couple of weeks he experienced relief in his knees with the bonus being that six months later he no longer needed to wear gloves (only on the coldest winter days!).

We were very impressed with this and decided that I should also try a bracelet. In 1991 I was diagnosed with arthritis in the spine that would degenerate to such an extent that I would be in a wheelchair within 10 years.  However, after wearing the bracelet for 4 months I realised that I no longer had the pains and was able to cut down and eventually cut out the painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets.

Because of our experiences we became distributors for the company manufacturing these bracelets and other magnetic products. Over the years we have been instrumental in helping many people and animals to relieve their painful conditions.

We get a lot of pleasure from meeting and helping people and it makes it all worthwhile when we get people who tell us that they are so pleased with the bracelet and that it has changed their lives for the better.

Our Bracelets

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We make all our bracelets by hand

During the recession circa 2008 we found that it was harder to sell the expensive items as people felt they could not justify the expense when their residual money was very stretched, so we decided to take on a more affordable range. This gave the ladies, in particular, a broader choice of colours and styles. However, we found that many people could not wear metals next to the skin, so we have developed a range that includes semi precious gemstones, hematite high power magnets, and no metal parts. We have expanded this year into bracelets made with sterling silver beads with magnets which can be worn 24/7 without tarnishing or causing irritation.

The magnetic beads are a composite hematite with a very high gauss rating which are dyed to various colours and retain their magnetic properties for approximately 6 years. This is not a cure for illnesses but because the bracelets put oxygen into the bloodstream - being worn over the pulse point - can give relief from a variety of ailments. They are not drugs and many people feel that it is simply worth a try as there is nothing to lose apart from the initial cost.

The jewellery elastic used is very strong and has been thoroughly tested to last. The bracelets will, however, be tight when initially put on but will loosen over a period of time. They should not be worn too loose as this will heighten the risk of catching and breaking.


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